“A man should look as if he bought his clothes with intelligence, dressed with care and then forgot all about it. ” 

Hardy Amies

I am here to help you with your challenges regarding personal style and branding, no matter what they are. With more than 30 years of experience from the world of business and the latest knowledge in styling, I will be able to give you insights and support that will take you to the next step in building your personal brand.


Dressed for success

It doesn´t matter if you are interested in fashion or think fashion is boring; most of us are far too often standing in front of the overloaded closet and still cannot find anything to wear.

To find your personal style to strengthen your brand is a process. When we enter the process, the goal is for you to feel safe with what you picked is going to reflect the person you are. It´s about color, shape and dress code. With an analyzed closet you have a functional selection of clothes and nothing will be unused. It will also enable you to plan for your next travel.

I am a licensed personal brand stylist, who has also been active in the professional business field for the last 30 years. Business is an important part of my assignment but we also take a look into your needs for your private life so you can feel well dressed for any occasions.

Together we find what cuts that suits you best; what clothes are best suited for your life and what brand of clothes that are in line with your style and budget. After we are done it is going to be much easier to find your way around on your own! And if you need help when it is time to find new items you can always contact me!

I am here to share my knowledge about how to build a personal brand and help you bring even more success into your life.


To feel as a 2.0 version of yourself when you find the right selections is what you accomplish by using ProperStyleByJ. That you give an impression; a mark and that you strengthen your own personality through your clothes. No matter what dress code you need to wear, we will find your personal touch.

There can be something you’re not so happy with, but no matter what “hang-ups” you have there should be loads of confidence and strength when you prepare for your mission. When you put on your clothes, you shouldn´t have to think about them – they are supposed to function, feel proper and reflect you as a brand. They must deliver, flatter your ego, give self-respect, protect and lift you up, no matter the occasion.

My goal is not for you to buy more clothes, but for you to have the right clothes. This means that some of your items needs to be sorted out and some new once need to be bought to complete your optimal closet. Together we find the right level for your budget and what items to priorities.

An important part is also to look through what you already have and if it is possible to use them in a new way. Often there is only a new item or accessory that needs to be acquired for a new combination, a simple way for your whole closet to feel as new.

When you have the knowledge about colors, textile and cuts that suits you and your style the best you will have so much more fun with your wardrobe! With items that not only suits you but also brings you more combinations you will not have to buy another item that will hang in your closet unused.

Once you are a customer you can contact me within the intervals of your preference, and get help with additional combinations, inspirations, and selections for the upcoming seasons, no matter the occasion.