My services

All my services start off with a personal meeting over phone/Skype or in real life. This is always free of charge. During the meeting we will talk about what needs you have and how I can help you. After that I put together a personal suggestion and send it to you.

Below you find a short description of some services that I offer. Please see them as examples and think about what could be of use for you to simplify your life.

Color and style analysis

We start off at you home with an interview and follow up with an analysis. There we find the best fit for you regarding choice of colors, cuts that fits your body type and what kind of style you prefer. What suits your needs, body, age and taste.

Closet planning

We go through your closet to make sure that you get a good platform to find new combinations and take out the clothes that doesn’t fit your preferred look. You get advice about how you can update your wardrobe and how to use the things already in it. I´ll help you sort out what you don’t use and give new inspiration.

Personal shopping tour

We take a tour to the right stores for you where I will show you which clothes suits you best, explain how the right clothes can make a big difference and make sure to point out some new places where you normally don’t shop. It doesn’t have to be a shopping tour, but for me to show you how and where to shop in the future to make the right decision. If you want to shop its always after your needs and budget.

Shopping subscription

If you find shopping boring and time consuming I´ll help you with it! I find the clothes that suits you and makes sure the arrive to your home. You can pick the interval, selection and budget and we will stay in contact regularly. This can be for single items; for a special occasion, or for all your needs during a full year.

Style coach

I support, discuss, coach and helps you with everything included in Your Personal Branding. We focus on you and your needs. As a customer you can get in touch with me and my support and advise no matter if you’re at home or out travelling.

Hair, make-up, glasses, barbershop and accessories
Looking for a new style but need some advice about what to choose? I´ll help you, either on spot or via phone or Skype.

Lectures and presentations

I educate groups in Personal branding and style. This can be suitable for a board team; team of consultants; company day; kick-off or similar groups where you want to create added value.

During our first meeting I´ll tell you more about what services I offer. From basic to luxury with the best service and always with the focus on you. Every client gets a personal set up, because everyone is unique.