About me

Hello, I'm J

J as in Jenny Åberg!!

After 30 years of working in sales and marketing, I came to a point when it was time to further use my experiences. While working both nationally and globally in senior positions, I know what it is like to be reviewed and valued by both peers and other executives.

 I travelled weekly during my last 20 years of working and spent an countless nights and hours in hotels, airports, taxis and trains. Sat in meetings that lasted from early morning to late at night. Had ten minutes to go from “meeting” to “dinner” with entirely different dress codes. Get home to make a “pit stop” just to change suitcase to catch my next flight. Had evenings and weekends fully booked with family and friends and therefore minimal time and energy to achieve the ultimate wardrobe.

I know how it feels when the clothes fit the mission. How good you feel when you are a 100% confident in what you are wearing. How it feels to be strong, representative and proud to go up to clients and colleagues, not to mention competitors!! 

But, I also know how the panic spreads when the garment I had chosen suddenly gets sweat stains; When you unpack the clothes in the hotel for a few important days and realize that the garments you have picked out does not work together or fits with the way you want to appear. It can make the most confident person insecure!

In addition to this, I am a mother of two. I have two dogs that keep me going (and dirty me down…) and I love to put on my cozy clothes after a day of hard work. Because it is also important to remember that we have a life at home where we need have clothes that feel like home but are still to your advantage.

Together, we will make you stronger, safer and full of confidence in what you are wearing. I will help you so you can focus on the important things!