Stiliga föräldrar till dagens brudpar #harryandmeghan

What better fit this weekend than to write about weddings?

This weekend we are many who have followed a beautiful royal wedding between Prince Harry and his splendid beautiful Meghan, on TV I always get moved by seeing a beautiful wedding cermony and all the happy participants in the form of family and close friends.

This wedding was also exciting because it came guests from all over the world, mixed royalty with different types of celebrities, especially from the UK and USA. The one who was a little observant could see that there was a difference in how much you had dressed up as a woman depending on where you came from. The European women were somewhat subdued compared to the American ones who really took the action to dress up considerably! Interesting also how you chose to dress like man. The super-stylish George Clooney had a bright grey suit but most of the UK had chosen a completely dark ditto. According to the experts, this is in the context of the specified dress code at the wedding. Anyway – everyone was of course insanely handsome, and it was an impressive and well-directed ceremony.

Equally amazing is the wedding at home in Sweden, albeit on a smaller scale and there are many couples who really invest in making the day a memory for life! When it is high season for weddings, hairdressing and beauty salons are fully booked to make all the brides to their most beautiful self. The photographer is booked; Wedding dress chosen with care; Dinner and table placement walkthrough a long time ago. Nothing should go wrong this day!

I myself have experienced the joy of the bride and been at weddings in the role of little sister, big sister, cousin and even the bridesmaid. Great fun! The only thing I have not been yet is the mother of any of the bridal couple, but I hope that the day will come eventually. It must be a great feeling to see your own child marry their love!

When the big day comes for my son or daughter, I’ll also spend plenty of time and money on my clothes, my hair, make-up and nails. It’s not me who is the main character, but I’ll stand next to the bride or groom on family photographs and sit at the honorary table. Think so boring for the bridal couple if I have not added time and energy to be my best self! And in addition, the pictures will remain for the rest of their lives.

Look at my Instagram Properstylebyj where I have some pictures from the bridal mother Doria Ragland and other guests. I think Doria has found a very nice style along with the people who (of course) helped her. It’s warming my heart to see her next to Prince Charles and that she looks at least as nice as the rest of the royal family!

How about you? Are you going to be on a wedding this summer and want to make sure you are a 2.0 version of yourself? And make the bridal couple happy by showing that you spend time on being fine on their big day? Contact me and I will help you!


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